The Process

DeedSafe Wills adhere to the following process – keeping every stage friendly and simple with no compromise on professional excellence.

Free Home Visit

One of our fully qualifed Estate Planning Consultants will visit you at a time that is convenient for you, at your home or office. So there is no need to take time off work. We will visit you day, evenings or weekends.

No Legal Jargon

During this visit the consultant will take comprehensive instructions for your Will(s). Using their knowledge and experience they will also give you advice on what actions you need to take to fully address all your Estate Planning requirements. This is done in plain english ensuring that you understand what you are doing at every step.

Your Draft Will

Within 14 days of our visit, we will send a draft copy of your Will(s). We will then make make any amendments or corrections you require at no exta cost until you are totally satisfied with your drafts.

You will then receive your final document(s), usually delivered personally by our Consultant, who will oversee the signing and witnessing of your document(s) to ensure this is done correctly.

This is an extremely inportant feature of our services, many Wills are invalidated because of an error made during the signing and witnessing process and this is not usually realised until it is too late to correct it.

Storing Your Documents

If you have chosen our secure storage facility. Our Consultant will then take your Will and any other documents you require storing away with them and deliver them to our storage facility. So you can rest assured that your Will(s) are safe and secure.

For a small annual fee we will store all the documents we have prepared for you and any other papers you wish us to store securely e.g. House Deeds. Furthermore, another advantage of our Document Storage service is that should the documents we have prepared for you require updating in the future, we will do this free of charge whilst you are using our storage facility.

You can then keep your drafts as your copy, further copies of which are available on request. We will also issue you and your Executors with Storage Certificates, this informs any interested parties of the existence and location of your Wills.


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